Candidates Night

AAUW sponsors a “Candidates Night” every other year, when local municipal and school board Primary Elections are held. We have been doing this for many years, and the community looks forward to it. In recent years, it has been televised on local Cable Channel 19, usually about two weeks before the Primary Election, and is then repeated multiple times on television up to election day.

Local AAUW branch members and, in some cases, spouses, run the show, including the moderator, time keeper, screening committee, and greeters. All candidates are invited, and are given the opportunity to present an opening statement. A lottery is held for seating purposes, providing fairness in the sequence of responding to questions, with rebuttal time allowed. Each candidate then has the opportunity to be the first person to answer the next question and succeeding questions in turn.

The members of the audience are given pencils and notecards on which to write questions for the candidates, and the screening committee reviews them to eliminate duplication.

Check this website in early spring for our next scheduled Candidates Night.

For further information, email